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Mr Eco

2019-10-09 02:05:16 | Profile
I have been listening to country music ever since I was born


2019-09-10 17:13:43 | Profile
Such a beautiful straight from the heart ballard,, very well done.

Seth Smith

2019-08-25 19:46:59 | Profile
You my friend are very gifted!

Jasmin Palencia

2019-07-30 12:08:33 | Profile
Song: Nailed it. Video: FAIL. The played out young, white, boring model type takes away from the genuine nature of the song.


2019-06-14 23:04:34 | Profile
When this song first came out, the first thing i thought of my exboyfriend....I will love him till the end of time no matter what, i just wish he could look into my heart and head and see I would love him no matter what.........he is 53 and i know he has never had anyone to love him for him, that is why he is so scared.....


2019-04-07 02:08:47 | Profile
Heard this while driving yesterday, and I almost cried. Tremendous in every way.