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2019-07-01 16:51:16
Lovely song, depressing but me goosebumps

Kateřina Košařová

2019-04-26 03:30:41 | Profile
nobody is listening anymore to richard marx

Alana Burks

2019-03-29 07:15:19 | Profile
So................Marx was playing " Agatha Christie for one day" or what?????????????????????????Hhahhahahhaha

Christian Vanoss

2019-01-05 15:11:49 | Profile
I remember this song and video vividly. I think this was the first song to have a couple different videos. One where the male character looks innocent and the cop looks guilty and another where it makes it sound like Mary killed herself. Richard Marx was the bomb back then and his music still stands the test of time. A few of his songs, including this one, still gives me goosebumps. Great song, great video. :)

Jonathan Meza

2018-11-23 20:44:26 | Profile
Richard Noel Marx is Genuine top artist

Емилија Димишкова

2018-11-22 09:19:45 | Profile
Swampman did it. Case closed.


2018-11-21 23:11:26 | Profile
Most depressing song ever

fifi bahaudin

2018-11-20 06:45:34 | Profile
This song goes through the years and it is still as sublime as ever. I have loved it since my childhood, it is timeless and always gives me as much emotion. Thank you.